Today it is raining so, once again stuck inside

She walks in the vast world, with endless possibilities.

Even with the drops of rain falling down, splashing on

her clothes and creating puddles on the ground.


Her footsteps echo through the grey sky that offers

no sunshine as she continues to walk; taking no care

to avoid the water that floods all the remaining dry spots

on the jeans she wears.


Hair drenched-the rain begins to lighten and she finds that

she is weighed down by all the soaked up rainy day weather

that has found her.


A small smile plays on her red lips as she gazes up at the

sky where a beautiful rainbow formed; red, yellow orange,

blue and purple-dazzled like a new form of glitter that has

turned the sky into some magnificent show.


Marveling, she broke into a grin. For this was her favorite

part about rainy days, the rain that brought renewed hope

into her heart.