Why is water essential for good health?

• Water gives our cells their shape and form.

• Water helps our body’s delivery system.

• Blood, kidney, heart and lungs are made of about 80% water.

• Since blood is 83% water, it regulates our body temperature when moving from hot to cold or when affected by flu and viruses.

• Bones contain about 22% water.

• Brain tissue is about 85 per cent water.

• Muscle, spleen, brain, intestines, & skin are 72 to 75% water.

• Fat tissue (or adipose tissue) is about 10% water.

• Water is vital to healthy digestion.

• Water rids the body of waste during weight loss and helps metabolize fat more efficiently.

• When the body gets enough water, the feeling of hunger diminishes, eliminating the need for snacking.

Can I tell when my body is thirsty?

• We lose water through urination, respiration, and perspiration. Thirst is linked to hydration, but thirst is a delayed reaction to the body’s need to replenish fluids.

By the time you are feeling thirsty, you are overdue for hydrating.

• Wherever you go, carry a full water container. Get into the habit of continually drinking from your container throughout the day to stay pre-hydrated. If you are not in the habit of drinking the recommended amount of water, increase by gradual increments until you reach the required amounts.

How much water does my body need?

• The amount of water in ounces per day can be estimated by dividing your body weight (in pounds) by 2. That gives you the approximate number of ounces per day that you need to drink.

• On a normal, moderate temperature, inactive day you would lose 1.5 liters (6 glasses) of water through kidney filtration (urine production) and another 0.750 – 1 liter (3 – 4 glasses) through the skin and respiration. So an average person needs 8 – 9 glasses per day just to replace average losses.

• Caffeinated, alcoholic and many carbonated beverages have a diuretic effect and actually increase daily fluid requirements.

• If you exercise you should drink another eight ounce glass of water for every 20 minutes you are active.

• If you drink alcohol, you should drink at least an equal amount of water.

• When you are traveling on an airplane, it is good to drink eight ounces of water for every hour you are on board the plane.

• If you live in an arid climate, you should add another two servings per day.How safe is my tap water?

The Natural Resources Defense Council has identified 5 major hazards in our water:

• Pathogens- bacteria and viruses such as cryptosporidium sicken 900,000 people per year and can be fatal to those with weak immune systems.

• Trihalomethanes- compounds formed when chlorine reacts with organic substances. NRDC estimates that these chemicals cause more than 10,000 cases of bladder and rectal cancers per year.

• Arsenic- The dangers are debated, but 350,000 people may be taking in more than the EPA allows.

• Lead- leading to possible neurological problems in children and high blood pressure in adult men.

• Radioactive contamination- The EPA stated that 50 million Americans drink radon tainted water.

What are my other choices?

Bottled Water:

• Several studies have confirmed that some bottled water is not in compliance with US drinking water standards. In a recent study, seventeen of 46 samples, representing of 23 brands, contained viable micro-organisms. Bacteria, including coliforms, were recovered from 12 samples of 8 brands. Yeasts or molds were recovered from seven samples of five brands. Free-living amoebas were isolated from two samples, and fresh-water algae were found in both samples of one brand. Nine of 46 samples, representing 7 of the 23 brands contained coliforms. Sterile contact lenses became contaminated when exposed for 1 minute to two of four brands of bottled water from which micro-organisms were recovered.

• A common type of plastic bottle is made with bisphenol- A, also known as BPA. Concerns about tests that may link BPA ingestion with cancer and reproductive damage in some animals and the possibility that BPA could leach out of the plastic bottles and into the liquids they contain has led to bans in some areas on the use of BPA in plastic products intended for children (such as baby bottles) and has prompted some consumers to seek out non-BPA alternatives.

• Bottled water prices vary.

Water filtration at the tap (NSF certified filtration system):

• Saves money making your own clean water.

• Does not add to the landfill or add to recycling costs.

• Allows personal control over the water quality. An NSF certified system can significantly reduce dissolved lead and volatile organic compounds that may be in your water. The treatment system can also reduce cryptosporiium cysts, which have been recognized as one of the most common causes of waterborne diseases within humans in the U.S. (According to the CDC).

Today it is raining so, once again stuck inside

She walks in the vast world, with endless possibilities.

Even with the drops of rain falling down, splashing on

her clothes and creating puddles on the ground.


Her footsteps echo through the grey sky that offers

no sunshine as she continues to walk; taking no care

to avoid the water that floods all the remaining dry spots

on the jeans she wears.


Hair drenched-the rain begins to lighten and she finds that

she is weighed down by all the soaked up rainy day weather

that has found her.


A small smile plays on her red lips as she gazes up at the

sky where a beautiful rainbow formed; red, yellow orange,

blue and purple-dazzled like a new form of glitter that has

turned the sky into some magnificent show.


Marveling, she broke into a grin. For this was her favorite

part about rainy days, the rain that brought renewed hope

into her heart.

One of my friends that cross the rainbow bridge



I went outside this morning, and nothing was the same

You didn’t greet me this time when I called your name

For the first time in a long time, the paper wasn’t torn

The world is so different, all I do is mourn

I left a bowl of food for you, that I know you’ll never eat

The yard outside sits alone, and will no longer feel your feet

Your frisbee is laying on the porch, the holes you dug are still there

Your doggy brush is by the door, your toys are everywhere

Your leash is waiting by the gate for the walk we just can’t take

All the memories of you I see, as my heart begins to break

As I stood there and thought of you, a tear dropped from my eye

I never thought the day would come, the day that you would die

As the tears rolled down my face, I dropped to my knees in sorrow

I can barely face today, how will I feel tomorrow?

As I buried my face in my hands, I bawled like never before

When I was done, I took a breath, and walked back in the door

I got dressed and went to work, I dreaded coming home

Who would be there to greet me? Now I face the world alone

Now I lay here in my bed, all the world is dark

It is way too quiet outside, I long for just one more bark

Please come tackle me one more time, and track mud on the floor

Drool all over my toes again, chew up a sock once more

Come and lick my tears away, let me touch your fur

I want to see your soft brown eyes, I want things the way they were
As I cry myself to sleep, I remember as I close my lids

Tomorrow is a closer day, that we meet at the Rainbow Bridge…

Remembering an old friend, Rocky-bot was a very sweet guy once you got to know him and unfortunately like rotties do they have to cross the bridge some time but, not like the way Rocky did.  He was a sweet misunderstood guy that had some trust issues with strangers but, once he got to know you he was your best friend in the whole world.   He was put down due to neurological problems and extreme health issues that cause him in two days lose 14 lbs.   The decision was hard but, he is missed by his family and friends to the lives that he touch to those whom he met.   Rocky was a young Rottweiler with a lot of potential and his potential never bloomed to his fullest but, on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge he is showing his potential to other Rottweilers before him.

R.I.P  Rocky-bot 😥


Show loving-Kindness that gets notice by ones that don’t deserve it.

I have been reading a few blogs on the fact that so many people were bullied such as myself and making it through the rain storm of Middle School as well as High School was a challenge.   I made it through the rain with my virginity intact and my mind still goal-oriented.

I have been reading post from other users and they have been going through the same things that I went through yet, they have made it through that stormy time or they are still going through but, are seeing the rainbow at the very end.   Its so funny that people are so full of horse pucky that they pretend nothing happens between you as well as them.

I found out through showing loving kindness for those in need it has taken notice by others some of the them worthy of it and others in their dreams.   There are pros and cons to being kind to others and giving them your time without asking anything in return but, the thing is people start to see that kindness you show to one set group of people then they are the ones that are going to want it.

Some of the things I have done are not meant to be told but, for the most part I do not understand why so, many people want the same type of love and affection when they cannot pass it on themselves.  I will continue to pass on loving kindness but, I will do it to those in need and not to those that are causing the pain as well as aggravation.

A funny picture that misrepresents Rottweilers


Rottweilers are the ninth smartest breed of dogs and they know when and where to attack if they feel threatened or one of their members of the kennel is threatened.   These Rottweilers look as though that they want to get out of that confined space because it does not look comfortable with all them in there so, if you have that many Rottweilers you should find a bigger space to keep them than that.