New Month

A new month full of new health changes for me but, this might not be the same for the others around me.  August was my month of return from months of working for wages and working for lean muscle.   I am sick and tired of those men that come out of no where asking me out, the answer is no.

Maybe in this month I’ll write an article to help those guys better understand what it takes to build such a body with lean muscle and; maybe they’ll understand why I only want a male bodybuilder and not some pantywaist that comes up to me for no reason to only satisfy some sick sexual urge.

Men are sexual creatures and only think about sex.

I still find myself only attracted to men but, more for the ones that workout on the daily basis.    I am finding that I do not crave those calorie filled junk foods anymore and, I only want is vegetables fries and sweet potato fries instead of regular french fries.   I want veggie burgers and turkey burgers.  I want a sloppy tom instead of a sloppy joe.    I want fresh fruit juice made by me instead of that garbage bought at the store.

I want to wake up and bounce into workout mode at 5:30 am and be able to stop the workout mode at 8:30 pm in order to go to bed but, there are trials along the daily basis when dealing with men of all walks of life whom are not bodybuilders.

In the last two years my attraction towards bodybuilders has deepened to the point of no return.  I cannot think of being happier with anything other than man whom is a bodybuilder.

I have learned that I can have my sweets but, make them vegan and gluten free which is much better than the ones that add on the weight.  I hate calorie fill junk believe it or not because I went to Sonic and did not enjoy eating a cheeseburger that much :/.

My month of September is promising in workouts and health kicks but, dating scene is bland like unseasoned vegan meatloaf.  I am hoping that I find my bodybuilder man before I call quits on men for good.