There is something that I have to state

I for one did not know things were the way that they were, I have always put on blinders because I have felt that some things are best left alone if you cannot control it.

I thought that femininity, grace, poise, charm, and elegance were states of mind that one girl chooses to live her life.   As I read all these new blogs that found their way to mine I now wonder all these years when I was tormented by follow classmates and peers was I just subconsciously caring the traits because it was the right thing to do?

I remember in my teenage years reading books that had to deal with fashions of a decade; my strong preference in the fashion series was the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s.  It does seem like I am not alone anymore in this world of mine; it seems that there are others that feel the same way but, they are not around to hang out with.

I figured that one day I would find that one true special friend that I can hang out with all the time but, it is starting to look I am not going to the right events to acquire such liked minded individuals.

I find myself happier in the most weirdest of places such as the library or the art galleries that see very little action in the normal business hours.   I find myself happier doing art work in the privacy in my own home even though that there are better artist than me but, I majored in Studio Art so, I am doing the best that I can in order to make something of myself.

There are times that I found myself happier is learning about serial killers because they had hard beginnings such as myself but, they lead to the road of taking lives of people at times did them no wrong by any means; the only thing that they did was to do harm to those that could not help themselves.

I also seem to be happier dealing with individuals that can understand how I think and respect in what I believe in, I need to understand one thing.   How is it that I attract a bunch of garbage in my life when I try so hard to be myself and live in a manner that is respectable and of high moral standards.

All my life I have found the most crappiest of people to take interest in me, I also learned that these are the type of disgusting vermin that don’t go away that quick.   No they seem more interested in me when I would go to the pool in vintage swimsuits such as the ones seen in old movies.

I loved the red lip look that was classic and timeless during those time periods; I choose Mary Kay lipsticks to keep this look a float compared to the other brands of lipstick that are out there.   Laura Geller and Bobbi Brown are nice brands as well but, I prefer to keep Mary Kay on my lips compared to what I see other women wearing.

I have more about myself to learn than what I thought I already have.

Doing What comes Naturally

Okay  Today is Thursday and the week is still not over because there are a few more post for me to post because I stated that there will be some beauty and crafting ideas during this week because my blog is about my life and my hobbies is crafting so, I planned to do some crafting in this year which is not a lie but, I also want to promote organic beauty as well so, if you are following me for the beauty and crafting here is more latest updates of what I am doing in beauty.

Natural products are typically created with oils, minerals and, plant extracts that are gentler on the skin compared to the stuff that is made with chemicals so, I found some products that are filled with wholes and goo-for-you ingredient that will enhance your beauty, naturally.


This is Shescentit Moisture Mist created with Aloe, Honey, and Shea butter this leave-in conditioner detangles and revives even the dullest tresses giving them luster and bounce.  This product cost only $11 and can be bought at


This next one is Oyin Handmade Body Butter and I am already familiar with this products line already but, I must have looked over this products for this is a chocolate lovers can take their obsession to a new level with the chocolate-scented hydrating bar that uses pure cocoa butter and coconut oil to moisturize.  This product cost $12 and can be bought at

red-hot-sparkling-soakNow this is another one but, its only 96% organic, Gluten free, and vegan however, 96% of the ingredients used is safe for you the other 4% not so much but, who is to argue when you are looking incredibly hot? This is Red Hot Shandy Sparking Bath Soak and there are others in this product line that are really good but, this one is the most popular compared to the rest. This product contains Soybean, Sunflower and Apricot oils along with its scent of red hot cinnamon to increase moisture retention while grape-seed and olive fruit oils improve the skins texture.  Yeah that will make the men come a running from every mile, this product can be purchase for $20 at

sr-product Okay this product is worth the $36.95 at either or Whole Foods Market.  The pure formula is ideal for all skin types but especially keeps dry, mature and sensitive skin soft and supple. Fermented grain extract removes every trace of dirt, makeup and impurities, while bentonite clay calms irritation. Soothing jojoba and sweet almond oils maintain skin’s natural moisture balance and anthyllis extract tones and nourishes. After rinsing, skin feels pampered and velvety smooth. Has a soft almond scent. Now if you want to have beautiful skin this is the product for you because this product will make you throw some in the trash.

Now we move on to the nail polish and nail polish remover.  To be quite honest I prefer to use organic and safe brands when it comes to pedicures rather than name brand products because you can get infections and not even know it so, if you can make it possible for yourself how about investing in a nail polish and nail polish remover that is safe for health.

Now I started off with Priti NYC nail polish but, I am going to recommend the Polish Remover wipes because there are very affective.


This conditions nails as it cleans them so, you don’t have to worry too much about damaging your nails but, this luxury remover is non-carcinogenic which is the most common concern other than biodegradable , it has been infused with lemongrass oil to nourish nails and leave behind a refreshing scent.  I have been using Priti for years and have to say that my nails have grown longer and are very strong thanks to this product.  It cost $9.99 and can be bought at

Zoya is the most popular brand of Organic nail Polish out there on the market other than Priti and a few others.  This is one of the few products that is free of formaldehyde, toluene and other harsh ingredients  this vegan-friendly polish have you feeling good about your purchase while turning heads with its ravishing colors including red.  Now this can be bought just about anywhere I highly suggest you buy it on because there its $8.


Now lets go on to hair nutrition because there is a another product that I found in walgreens and CVS for  $8.49 its called Salon Grafix healthy Hair Nutrition Conditioning Cleanser.

This  is suds-free like Wen so when you cleanse your hair of dirt like the popular Wen this without sulfates while also conditioning your hair so, natural botanical extracts do the work, leaving your hair in a citrusy soft state. isn’t that lovely so, head to Walgreens of CVS for this fine products before someone else gets it.

... LUSH Emotional Brilliance | LUSH Liquid Lipstick: review, photos

Last but not least is the lush stores liquid lipstick.  I never really have tried liquid lipsticks because the traces of lead and other harmful agents but, this long-lasting lipstick uses rose wax, jojoba oil and candelilla wax to soften and moisturizefor pouty lips with a punch of serious color it can also double as a cream blush.  $22.85 at Lush stores.

Okay that is it for the beauty items for this post but, there will be more to come in the near future because I am going to organic line of beauty more so inorganic however, I will add some things that are not organic which I advise to use sparingly so you will not have too much chemicals in your skin.


A lucet is a two prong tool which is use in making cord.  This is commonly used in making certain articles of clothing such as shoelaces which can make a statement to any shoe that requires laces.   The lucet is an old technique, dating as far back as the Vikings perhaps. It’s a simple technique for making cord. This video does not go into a lot of verbal detail; it’s meant to show, not tell.

I was looking on youtube for more crafting hobbies and happen to find this one.  I can only imagine what possibilities that I can do when I start trying lucet on my own.   In addition I found more videos that gave me some light on techniques that are used when making articles of clothing with the clothes made with lucet.

Like the old saying goes you learn something new every day so, if you are willing to learn something new then try Lucet.

Annoying questions that people whom are Bullies ask Me

There is a wide range of hobbies that I have whether it comes to the knowledge of a interesting subject or to creativity there is not end to what people ask me.  Many of them ask the top three following annoying questions that seem there is not end to it!!!!

  1. What are you doing?
  2. Why are interested in that because that was fun in the dark ages.
  3. Why are you still in 1200 this is 2000’s my dear?

Seriously?  What is so wrong about reading? Writing? Knitting? Crocheting? Needlepoint? Quilting? Embroidery? Sewing? Latchhooking? Kumihimo? and other forms of hobbies that my interests takes forever?

  1. Are you a virgin?
  2. Are you gay?
  3. Do you like …..?
  4. Is that your real hair? (formally)
  5. Are those your real nails? (Formally)
  6. Why do you wear vintage and antique articles of clothing?
  7. Why did grow your hair so long?
  8. Why are you always get your nails done?
  9. Why do you make your beauty products?


annoying it is because if can be anywhere 10 to 30 questions at a time which are repetitive.

If face with a bully that ask questions to no end ask question to them back and make a lot of them uncomfortable for the bully to answer then they’ll leave you alone.

Deep Treatment with Mayonnaise

Want soft shiny hair on the daily basis?  Well keep reading on to find out more on how to treat your hair the way it was meant to be.

  1. Deep condition your hair with mayonnaise. This is an easy way to get moisture and shine back into your hair.
  2. Smear real, organic mayonnaise through your dry hair. For the folks with oily scalp and skin, don’t rub it into your scalp or too close to your hairline. and make sure to really work it into the ends.
    • The amount depends on the thickness and the texture of your hair. Oily hair and scalps need less mayonnaise; drier hair will need more.
  3. Wash your hands, then wrap your hair in a shower cap or plastic bag. A towel on your head will also help contain it, though you’ll have to wash the towel afterwards.
  4. Keep it like that for about an hour. Rinse your hair, then shampoo it. Style your hair the way you normally do.


Hibiscus Paste Hair Treatment

  • Herbs are used to restore the healthy texture of hair. This time wash a few hibiscus leaves and place them into a medium-sized container. Pour a tiny amount of water in the container and let the leaves soak for 10 minutes.

    Then put these ingredients into a blender until you get a fine paste. Apply the treatment on your tresses and leave it on for 20 minutes. The last step is to wash your hair with lukewarm water. Enjoy the silky smooth feel of your hair.

Using the Mayo treatment alongside the Hibiscus paste will make you hair the envy of all people.

homemade beauty facials that will break the boring days

Beauty is really not everything what are you suppose to do on those day that you are bored out of your mind? Well here are three beauty mask or facials that you can use to break the boring days apart.

1. Turmeric Powder and Orange Juice Facial

  •  Eliminate dead skin cells from the depth of your pores with this simple treatment. In a bowl mix 2 tbs of turmeric powder with 1 tbs of orange juice. Massage the paste into your skin for 4-5 minutes. Then leave the facial on for 10 minutes and finally rinse it off with cold water. In order to have a radiant and spotless complexion it is important to unclog your pores and keep your skin free from sebum excess and grime.


2. Almond and Dried Lemon Peel Facial

  • Use the following face pack recipes to protect your complexion from blackheads and pimples. In a bowl mix 2 tbs of ground almond with 1 tbs of dried lemon peel.

    Then add a tiny amount of milk just to obtain the ideal texture. Spread the facial uniformly all over your face and leave it on for 15 minutes for a revitalizing effect.

3. Aloe Vera and Tea Tree Oil Facial

  • Cleanse your skin with this natural facial recipe. Apply a tiny amount of organic aloe vera gel and 2 drops of tea tree oil on a cotton pad. Rub this mixture into your pores and leave the treatment on for 10 minute.  The final step is to wash off the facial with cold water to close your pores. Use this deep-cleansing remedy on a regular basis for a flawless complexion.