Interesting times

last month my mother and I went to the apartment of our old neighbor whom was an older man with adult children from Zimbabwe and; five month prior he lost his second wife whom I understood he was married too since 1968.

My mother and his wife use to go walking together but, the fact of the matter is this gentleman told me and my mother that he had feeling for my mother for a long time.   That brought many questions to our minds did he have feelings for me mother before his wife died or after his wife died?

I felt that five months was not a long enough time to grieve but, I felt that if he did have strong feelings for my mother for a long time it was before his wife passed away and I did not like that at all.

Now that she is free of him, I think she has more time to work on herself which is more important than bringing in a man that she does not want in her life.

I was not surprise that when he invited my mother for a drink last month he was going to tell her what he felt about her; if I had not tagged along she would not have went to his apartment.

I do know that my mom is good at keeping men at bay so, I wonder what next chap is going to have strong feelings for her.  I seeing that this one will have to look in other places.

“Toxic Guys”

Please read this post and make sure to take great caution when dealing with the men of the other end of the spectrum.

Peaceful Single Girl


A woman asked me to do a post about “toxic guys” – how to avoid them and how to get over them.

Well, that is actually a lot more simple than it may seem.  Not easy if you are not currently living completely for Christ – but it is simple.

1. Seek God first!!!!

2. Ask God to change YOU to be the woman of His dreams!  Be a godly woman.  Be prepared to be a godly wife!  Learn what godly femininity is and ask God to regenerate your heart and soul and mind for His glory.

3. Seek only godly men.   Do NOT think you can change a guy.  Find a man who is already living boldly for Christ.

WHAT IS A “TOXIC GUY”? – Here is my definition!

Any guy who is friends with the world – who is living for himself and for pleasure and for…

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My desire for music!!!!!!!

I want to listen to the sounds of beautiful voices that capture my attention and, I have no money to go to the theatre because there are more important things to pay for like the bills!!!!! Bills! Bills! Bills! Why??????

I wish to hear the music of the celtics so badly and see a beautiful play after that but, no I have to stay home and only dream of ever hearing such beautiful music such as that.  I am getting sick if hearing Bach and Mozart but, there are some things that never get old such as Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D minor played on an organ.

Life is cruel!!!!!!!

Rich, Lavishing Dinner tonight. Why did I do that to myself.

Tonight was the night that I decided to go ahead and eat out because I did not feel like cooking so, what do I do?  I go and order Italian food which I have been craving for quite a while since that fact that I am tired of Cowboy burgers and Hot wings.    Yes, I decided to go on the lines of elegance.   I forgot that this hidden treasure of a restaurant that I once visited had rich food so, therefore I could not eat that much of it so, if I couldn’t finish it all I would give it to my garbage disposal but, unfortunate my garbage disposal cross the rainbow bridge to join others before him.

Trying move on is harder than I thought since I raised that crazy since puppyhood.  How much I love that crazy dog.

Valentines Day

A lot of people are alone on valentines day and its one day that everyone is extra nice to each other.  Every day to me when I was dating was Valentines Day and the actually day of Valentines day with Super Valentines Day.  Looking back on that now I rather go without Valentines Day because its a lot less heartache then needed.  To all that are enjoy this day well Happy Valentines Day.



Life is different when you lose someone special and the small things you did together make a big difference

Losing a friend that was there with you when you woke up and was with you when you went to bed is heartbreaking too ever angle.  

There are some things I had probably planned and some things that not have been plan but, the lost of Rocky is life changing but, I will soon get another Rottweiler friend.   I will love him or her until they cross that bridge like Rocky once did.


Got Paid!!!!

$160.00 not going to spend it for the next three months because I finished the three day that I was assigned which consisted of Data entry not, the other three day job that I will be a receptionist but, seriously who tells you three days then it comes out to be two or I must have done all the work in two days :/.   Now comes the three month assignment for 3 months making $15.00 an hour!  I can hardly wait to see what I can do with that money when I get it all because it’s getting really hard to budget $1,075.00 a month just on a menial degree but,  its for the good of society because who else is going to help my fellow human kind.   Helping the elderly and other for a 24 hour week job means more to me than a job making a large amount of money on and ripping off people.

Each day I live I want it to be a day that I give but, my finest day has yet to come.   there are times that I still feel alone when trying to make a difference in the lives of others and working in non-profit as a nursing assistant is the stepping stone to my dream goal of helping men, women, children, the elderly, and animals that cannot defend themselves.   Then I will be free!

You know that your life is starting to become dull when you find yourself waking up at the computer

I found myself waking up at the computer yet, again but soon I will be away from it when it comes to my two new assignments when it comes to working because I cannot wait to make some money.  The only problem is what can I do with an extra $7,200.00 in my pocket plus an additional $200.00 for the three day job?  I guess I should open up another bank account and not touch that money for a year and see how much interest will take.

February is starting off okay so far

This is the first start of many things because in a few days Valentines will be here!  Yeah a love filled day for some and for others not so much.  However, getting a job that is only three months long and giving yourself more possibilities can make a differences so, for the next three months I have a position as a HR Administrative Assistant making $15.00 an hour.  In addition after that for the next three days following that position I will have a receptionist job making  $10.00 an hour so life is good.

Now I wonder what I am going to do for the rest of the time since I will be away from my blog?  I guess I can make more money when it comes to getting more temp assignments compared to other jobs that I have been trying to apply for.