No Sew Blanket and Sew a Double-Sided Fleece Blanket

Okay I stated earlier this week that I would be doing some crafting on my blog because I do enjoy crafting so, this will be crafting a lot to share with my followers on the wordpress not so much blogger but, I will be doing a lot on wordpress.

I have been flooding myself on ways to have something extremely girly to put on my bed but, so far I have not found a good idea of what to put on my bed but, today I found a great video on how to make a blanket without sewing.   My first reaction was “What?” you cannot be serious because there is no way you can make a blanket without sewing so, I found this video and wanted to share with my followers.

After watching this video on how to make a cute blanket for myself I also went to look at other videos for more ideas of how to make blankets without sewing involve because that can save me a lot of time and thread.   I do in fact like sewing but, there are times that I rather take a break if you know what I mean.

Now this one I really like because my sewing machine has not seen me since I was like 11 years old because I basically focus my attention on hand sewing rather than doing it on a machine which is not bad but, I figured it was time for a happy reunion with the older singer so, I looked at this video and I know that this old singer that was born in 1998 will be happy to see me again using it.  I have tons of ideas based off of both videos and there is one more that I am willing to share with my followers.

I never stopped to think of having a crocheted edge blanket because I didn’t think I can combine the two fields together.   I know when I do manage to make my blankets to lay across my bed there will be some girly girlness in the mixture for, I am planning to use every design quality that I have in me through years of sewing so, I am looking forward to making blankets and sharing it with my followers.