No Sew Blanket and Sew a Double-Sided Fleece Blanket

Okay I stated earlier this week that I would be doing some crafting on my blog because I do enjoy crafting so, this will be crafting a lot to share with my followers on the wordpress not so much blogger but, I will be doing a lot on wordpress.

I have been flooding myself on ways to have something extremely girly to put on my bed but, so far I have not found a good idea of what to put on my bed but, today I found a great video on how to make a blanket without sewing.   My first reaction was “What?” you cannot be serious because there is no way you can make a blanket without sewing so, I found this video and wanted to share with my followers.

After watching this video on how to make a cute blanket for myself I also went to look at other videos for more ideas of how to make blankets without sewing involve because that can save me a lot of time and thread.   I do in fact like sewing but, there are times that I rather take a break if you know what I mean.

Now this one I really like because my sewing machine has not seen me since I was like 11 years old because I basically focus my attention on hand sewing rather than doing it on a machine which is not bad but, I figured it was time for a happy reunion with the older singer so, I looked at this video and I know that this old singer that was born in 1998 will be happy to see me again using it.  I have tons of ideas based off of both videos and there is one more that I am willing to share with my followers.

I never stopped to think of having a crocheted edge blanket because I didn’t think I can combine the two fields together.   I know when I do manage to make my blankets to lay across my bed there will be some girly girlness in the mixture for, I am planning to use every design quality that I have in me through years of sewing so, I am looking forward to making blankets and sharing it with my followers.


A lucet is a two prong tool which is use in making cord.  This is commonly used in making certain articles of clothing such as shoelaces which can make a statement to any shoe that requires laces.   The lucet is an old technique, dating as far back as the Vikings perhaps. It’s a simple technique for making cord. This video does not go into a lot of verbal detail; it’s meant to show, not tell.

I was looking on youtube for more crafting hobbies and happen to find this one.  I can only imagine what possibilities that I can do when I start trying lucet on my own.   In addition I found more videos that gave me some light on techniques that are used when making articles of clothing with the clothes made with lucet.

Like the old saying goes you learn something new every day so, if you are willing to learn something new then try Lucet.

Knitting one of many hobbies in Human Civilization


Knitting is something that has been pass down from generation to generation.  Furthermore Knitting gives a person more ideas to what else they can do with their hands other than being destructive.  Use your hands for creating beautiful things which they were probably meant for, many people have told me that knitting is very therapeutic which leads to a world of creativity.

Knitting as well as  crochet uses stitches, which are yarn loops that bind together, making rows to complete a project. The benefits of knitting stitches is the craft creates a softer, finer and smoother textured garment, unlike crochet. Knitting involves two simple stitches, a knit and a purl, that make for an elegant garment when finished. Crochet’s main stitches are a single crochet and a double crochet, which generate a wider range of smaller or taller stitches with holes between them. The crochet stitches give the appearance of an airy and chunkier garment when completed.

Needles are the metal objects used to manipulate a continuous strand of yarn.  knitting involves using two long, pointy needles that are the same size to make rows of stitches. The advantage of knitting is it creates projects using multiple needles for different garments. Some projects such as socks or hats require the use of circular needles or sets of four to five double-pointed needles. These needles give garments a more professional look than a crocheted item. Another benefit of using knitting needles is they are sized by numbers ranging from zero to 15.

Knitting’s techniques are another advantage over crochet because they provide a more detailed garment. For example, starting the first row of a knitting project, the yarn is cast on the needle one stitch at a time. Each stitch is worked from one needle to the other until the row is finished, regardless of how many different colors of yarn are used. Therefore, knitting provides an easier way to stitch or incorporate color patterns together.   Not only can knitting be performed by hand manipulating each stitch individually, it can also be achieved by knitting machines. Machine knitting saves a considerable amount of time, according to Fiber Images. Most knitting machines are embedded with 200 latch-hook needles that stitch up to 200 rows of knitting in a single movement. The knitting machines are a benefit to people who have no desire to knit or cannot knit. Crocheting, however, can only be completed by hand.

So this new category I added will label anything when it comes to both Knitting and Crocheting because I plan to do some craft work on this blog.  If I find more crafting ideas to share with my audience then I will share it.  Right now its going to be quilting, Knitting, and Crocheting which will lead to more ideas and other crafting trades in the near future.
Any other crafting suggestions do feel free to leave a comment.