There is something that needs to be said once again…..

Once again…….there are uglies coming up from out of nowhere and keeping them away is a much harder task more than ever, why?  Their beliefs on some strange social aspect.

Now weighing in on a scale between 130.2 lbs and 143 lbs which varies from season to season because in the warmer month I weight less because I have more opportunities to get out but, when I am in the colder months I tend to gain weight because there is not much to do.   Losing the weight was the hardest thing that I’ve ever done and, the process was rewarding but, there are the downs of losing such weight.

Dancing with Richard Simmons for an hour then doing a 30 minute workout is great and, all but there are those days that the ones whom treated you like garbage want to talk to you about everything anything.   No matter how I tell them I am not interested, I am not in the mood for dealing with garbage or the fact that I do not see any reason to befriend them; they continue to try after leaving me alone for a couple of weeks to see if they can butter me up again.   As usual it does not work how I wish for the day to make a difference in my life that they would not be around but, for so long.

Weightloss has came with the pros and cons that vary from person to person.   Mine seem worse than others but, there are some that have it worse off than me.

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