Bangin! Nutrition


While Webster’s Dictionary gives multiple definitions for the word “banging,” perhaps the one best suited for the “bangin’” in this nutrition club’s name would be “To work diligently and often at length.” Everyone knows that good nutrition—and wellness—are extremely important but take patience and time to accomplish.

Maria at Bangin! Nutrition, 4604 West Market Street, Suite 100 (next to Berts Seafood) in Greensboro is trained to help people lose or gain weight—or simply get healthy. Her business is a Nutrition Club. The cost of membership is $6.00 per visit, with the initial visit being an exception. For their first visit, all clients receive FREE a shot of Aloe Vera juice, a 16-ounce Fat Burning Herbal Tea, and also a 16-ounce Protein Smoothie. In addition, they get a FREE professional Body Analysis.

All three of the above-mentioned liquids are extremely important to good health. Aloe Vera juice helps in the prevention of acid reflux. The Herbal Tea, with antioxidant and thermogenic benefits of green tea, provide a great energy boost without accompanying “jitters,” burns about 160 calories per 16-ounce cup, and is all natural with no added caffeine. This low-calorie tea comes in 4 flavors including lemon, peach, and raspberry.

The delicious 16-ounce protein Smoothie meals, all under 300 calories, come in 33+ flavors and help support weight management. Among those are blueberry muffin, key lime pie, almond joy, chocolate caramel cheesecake, banana split, and butterfinger. Also, Maria can add more protein to any shake to help build and maintain lean muscle mass to help you feel fuller longer or fiber for healthy digestion.

For someone wanting to lose weight, 2 shakes and one lean and colorful (green and yellow veggies) are recommended daily. Clients needing to gain weight drink 3 shakes and eat a lean, colorful meal. After reaching their desired goals, all maintenance recommends 1 shake a day.

A very special incentive for club members is Bangin’ Nutrition’s Weight Loss Challenge, with a new session beginning every 8 weeks. This is how the Challenge works: Participants can win money during this contest. Each person has his or her own personal coach, a FREE wellness evaluation, group support, and much, much more! Registration is $35—all paid out in cash and prizes to the winner. Specific rules do apply to keep everyone consistent. A bonus is also offered: Bring 2 friends and win a prize worth $40. Register now at 336-253-4944. The perks are outstanding!

This nutrition program may be especially interesting to brides-to-be, who want to lose weight before their wedding day. Call today, and talk with Maria for a free evaluation and free samples. This nutrition program is also safe for pregnant women, diabetics, and children. All products are natural and water soluble. Maria also provides unique in-service visits for companies and their employees. She supplies up to 20 shakes in 2 flavors for workers, who are interested in her weight-management program, during their lunch hour.

Everyone likes success stories, and Bangin’ Nutrition is no exception. Members have lost as much as 98 pounds. One man, Robert Ponder, lost 70 pounds and 5 pant sizes in 8 months. Before, he had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, acid reflux, and was a severe Diabetic, taking 7 shots a day, which equaled 254 units of insulin. He was tired and sick all the time. After dedicating himself to the Bangin’ Nutrition program, his blood pressure was normal, his cholesterol was under control, his acid reflux was gone, and he had energy “through the roof.” He said, “I can’t tell you the last time I got sick. I love these products.”

This success story gets even better. Ultimately, he lost 80 pounds and according to him, “changed his life.” Today he has lost a total of 91 pounds, is off blood pressure, cholesterol, insulin, and oral medications. He asserts: “I have beat diabetes!”


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