Your Fitness

Increases Lean Muscle Mass – For every pound of muscle mass that you have, you burn 35-50 ries per day!

Oves Balance and Decreases Risk of Injury – ding strong muscles is especially important as ge. Lifting weights can help build strong legs a strong core for a sound foundation which ns less falls and more coordination.

Eases Bone Density – Strength training can prevent osteoporosis and help build strong es all throughout your body.

Ports Rehabilitation and Recovery – Building lean muscles can help support your joints to recover from an injury. Building strong quadriceps is a great way to recover from a knee injury.

Improves Overall Performance in Life – Whether you play a sport or if you like to garden, it’s important to stay strong. Strength training helps improve all aspects of your active life.

Improves Self-Confidence – Nothing will make a woman feel more confident than feeling strong.

Strength training will make you stronger both physically and mentally.

What are you waiting for? Go pump some iron ladies! If you would like to train with other women who are experiencing the benefits of sculpting lean muscles, come try out a Power Sculpt or RAM 60 class at RAM Fitness.

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