Post-College life pending

Soon I will be finishing college for good and, the best thing I do not have any loans to pay back from any collectors, I do feel bad for those that had to take out a loan.  Its not easy getting a scholarship package depending on the requirements of the college but, I do know that my life is going in the right direction.  As a triple major I already have a job waiting as well as a graduate school waiting to take me; I about to buy my first ever condo in the richer part of the county.

I am from Polk county but, I am not going back there to stay.  I often visit to see some suitors but, I find many men that are not datable material because they have women whom they had relations with that have children by them.

I am looking forward to using my degrees in my career fields and, seeing what else I can do for those that are struggling with weight issues.  I am looking forward to getting my JD/MA in a field that I have yet to chose.   I hope to get my LLM in France so I can practice law in the United States and France mostly business law.

Yes, college life is ending and, my new career life is beginning.  My Condo to be is going to be three bedrooms, two baths, and one partial bath.  This special type of Condo has an upstairs and a downstairs with an attic that is finished.  Get this it only cost $133,000.00.   I am going to have a group of interior designers come in and decorate for me because I don’t feel like being bother.

They are going to use a combination of La-z-boy and Bassett furniture to decorate the whole entire house or even better more elegant and even more expensive lines of furniture from the Furniture market in nearby city High Point, NC.   Yes, this is my dream and its going to come true.

Now a new car? That’s going to have to wait a while because I still in love with my old out-dated Geo Storm because its so cute of what I done to it or, I can just keep it and get a nicer dream car of what I been wanting.  A Jaguar xk, Who said that?!?!

Soon I will be starting a career and graduate school two hard things that I have to balance but, with my experience I can state that this is going to be easier compared to what many are use to.  The go through college, then graduate school (if they choose to), then start a career, then buy the house/townhouse/condo/loft/co-op or whatever then get married.   No! I am doing it right.

Maybe after graduate school in three years I’ll tell you guys that I am getting married but, I seriously doubt in three years I will find the right man but, if I do then I am doing something right because there is nothing I can’t do unless I continue to put Jehovah God first.

Jehovah god makes my bigger decisions so, if he has it in me to have a husband then that’s fine but, if he doesn’t then he will make sure that I will be guided to a life of happiness.  Right now I am not looking and, those dogs that are coming up to me are turning me off more and more.

Thanks for reading.

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