“Toxic Guys”

Please read this post and make sure to take great caution when dealing with the men of the other end of the spectrum.

Peaceful Single Girl


A woman asked me to do a post about “toxic guys” – how to avoid them and how to get over them.

Well, that is actually a lot more simple than it may seem.  Not easy if you are not currently living completely for Christ – but it is simple.

1. Seek God first!!!!

2. Ask God to change YOU to be the woman of His dreams!  Be a godly woman.  Be prepared to be a godly wife!  Learn what godly femininity is and ask God to regenerate your heart and soul and mind for His glory.

3. Seek only godly men.   Do NOT think you can change a guy.  Find a man who is already living boldly for Christ.

WHAT IS A “TOXIC GUY”? – Here is my definition!

Any guy who is friends with the world – who is living for himself and for pleasure and for…

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