The joys of being single

Everyone is so worried about being alone in the world because they want that special someone in their life but, there are plenty of things to do while you are still single but, when you finally realize it the opportunity to have it is too late because you have wasted you time trying to find that special someone in your life.   Going to school full time and working full time is already a chore for me but, to be quite honest I can always wait when it comes to finding love for, people are fake now a days so, I rather be alone and wait for the right person to come along to make a difference in my life.

Right now I am working on myself as an individual so, what can a relationship with a person do to help that out?  I am going to school in order to pursue a career that I will love not some job that I will hate and can’t wait until the 5 o’clock bell rings for it to end.   Majoring in Economics with a minor in Finance is more of a work for one person but, no I had to double major Economics with Biology with another minor in Neuroscience with a concentration in Environmental Science.  Yes, yes I am a very busy person and I don’t think there is anything else I could possibly do with my life at this moment in time other than to stay focus and keep my health up.

In addition, there are so many diseases out there that people have and they are so not honest with people so, why would I want to take that risk of getting something that I cannot get rid of?  Many people don’t stop to think about what they can do while they are single because for me, I would love to be single for a while longer so, I can state that I did things before I got married if that opportunity should ever arise because the way things are looking I do not wish to be married at this moment in time for, things are just getting crazier and crazier with people in the dating world.   Furthermore, people are making dating harder than what it really needs to be; my past dating experience is one that takes the cake because my ex-boyfriend was a hot mess of emotions that he couldn’t even be considered the man of the relationship, I had to take that role for the both of us.

Lastly, I need to focus on better things rather than worrying about starting a new relationship with somebody.   The only hits I get now are from people who I do not want to waste my time with but, not all of them are men some of them are women and for some reason I get the cute lesbians I wonder why?  I hope I do not give off the husband complex to them because that is kinda gross in my opinion but, they do give off nice comments every time they walk by so, I guess that I could smile more.  Anyway not worrying about having a relationship just now but, if the time comes then yes I can start a new one right now I am trying to work on myself and make better relationships with other people.

Today it is raining so, once again stuck inside

She walks in the vast world, with endless possibilities.

Even with the drops of rain falling down, splashing on

her clothes and creating puddles on the ground.


Her footsteps echo through the grey sky that offers

no sunshine as she continues to walk; taking no care

to avoid the water that floods all the remaining dry spots

on the jeans she wears.


Hair drenched-the rain begins to lighten and she finds that

she is weighed down by all the soaked up rainy day weather

that has found her.


A small smile plays on her red lips as she gazes up at the

sky where a beautiful rainbow formed; red, yellow orange,

blue and purple-dazzled like a new form of glitter that has

turned the sky into some magnificent show.


Marveling, she broke into a grin. For this was her favorite

part about rainy days, the rain that brought renewed hope

into her heart.

Valentines Day

A lot of people are alone on valentines day and its one day that everyone is extra nice to each other.  Every day to me when I was dating was Valentines Day and the actually day of Valentines day with Super Valentines Day.  Looking back on that now I rather go without Valentines Day because its a lot less heartache then needed.  To all that are enjoy this day well Happy Valentines Day.



Life is different when you lose someone special and the small things you did together make a big difference

Losing a friend that was there with you when you woke up and was with you when you went to bed is heartbreaking too ever angle.  

There are some things I had probably planned and some things that not have been plan but, the lost of Rocky is life changing but, I will soon get another Rottweiler friend.   I will love him or her until they cross that bridge like Rocky once did.


Got Paid!!!!

$160.00 not going to spend it for the next three months because I finished the three day that I was assigned which consisted of Data entry not, the other three day job that I will be a receptionist but, seriously who tells you three days then it comes out to be two or I must have done all the work in two days :/.   Now comes the three month assignment for 3 months making $15.00 an hour!  I can hardly wait to see what I can do with that money when I get it all because it’s getting really hard to budget $1,075.00 a month just on a menial degree but,  its for the good of society because who else is going to help my fellow human kind.   Helping the elderly and other for a 24 hour week job means more to me than a job making a large amount of money on and ripping off people.

Each day I live I want it to be a day that I give but, my finest day has yet to come.   there are times that I still feel alone when trying to make a difference in the lives of others and working in non-profit as a nursing assistant is the stepping stone to my dream goal of helping men, women, children, the elderly, and animals that cannot defend themselves.   Then I will be free!

You know that your life is starting to become dull when you find yourself waking up at the computer

I found myself waking up at the computer yet, again but soon I will be away from it when it comes to my two new assignments when it comes to working because I cannot wait to make some money.  The only problem is what can I do with an extra $7,200.00 in my pocket plus an additional $200.00 for the three day job?  I guess I should open up another bank account and not touch that money for a year and see how much interest will take.

February is starting off okay so far

This is the first start of many things because in a few days Valentines will be here!  Yeah a love filled day for some and for others not so much.  However, getting a job that is only three months long and giving yourself more possibilities can make a differences so, for the next three months I have a position as a HR Administrative Assistant making $15.00 an hour.  In addition after that for the next three days following that position I will have a receptionist job making  $10.00 an hour so life is good.

Now I wonder what I am going to do for the rest of the time since I will be away from my blog?  I guess I can make more money when it comes to getting more temp assignments compared to other jobs that I have been trying to apply for.

One of my friends that cross the rainbow bridge



I went outside this morning, and nothing was the same

You didn’t greet me this time when I called your name

For the first time in a long time, the paper wasn’t torn

The world is so different, all I do is mourn

I left a bowl of food for you, that I know you’ll never eat

The yard outside sits alone, and will no longer feel your feet

Your frisbee is laying on the porch, the holes you dug are still there

Your doggy brush is by the door, your toys are everywhere

Your leash is waiting by the gate for the walk we just can’t take

All the memories of you I see, as my heart begins to break

As I stood there and thought of you, a tear dropped from my eye

I never thought the day would come, the day that you would die

As the tears rolled down my face, I dropped to my knees in sorrow

I can barely face today, how will I feel tomorrow?

As I buried my face in my hands, I bawled like never before

When I was done, I took a breath, and walked back in the door

I got dressed and went to work, I dreaded coming home

Who would be there to greet me? Now I face the world alone

Now I lay here in my bed, all the world is dark

It is way too quiet outside, I long for just one more bark

Please come tackle me one more time, and track mud on the floor

Drool all over my toes again, chew up a sock once more

Come and lick my tears away, let me touch your fur

I want to see your soft brown eyes, I want things the way they were
As I cry myself to sleep, I remember as I close my lids

Tomorrow is a closer day, that we meet at the Rainbow Bridge…

Remembering an old friend, Rocky-bot was a very sweet guy once you got to know him and unfortunately like rotties do they have to cross the bridge some time but, not like the way Rocky did.  He was a sweet misunderstood guy that had some trust issues with strangers but, once he got to know you he was your best friend in the whole world.   He was put down due to neurological problems and extreme health issues that cause him in two days lose 14 lbs.   The decision was hard but, he is missed by his family and friends to the lives that he touch to those whom he met.   Rocky was a young Rottweiler with a lot of potential and his potential never bloomed to his fullest but, on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge he is showing his potential to other Rottweilers before him.

R.I.P  Rocky-bot 😥