Annoying questions that people whom are Bullies ask Me

There is a wide range of hobbies that I have whether it comes to the knowledge of a interesting subject or to creativity there is not end to what people ask me.  Many of them ask the top three following annoying questions that seem there is not end to it!!!!

  1. What are you doing?
  2. Why are interested in that because that was fun in the dark ages.
  3. Why are you still in 1200 this is 2000’s my dear?

Seriously?  What is so wrong about reading? Writing? Knitting? Crocheting? Needlepoint? Quilting? Embroidery? Sewing? Latchhooking? Kumihimo? and other forms of hobbies that my interests takes forever?

  1. Are you a virgin?
  2. Are you gay?
  3. Do you like …..?
  4. Is that your real hair? (formally)
  5. Are those your real nails? (Formally)
  6. Why do you wear vintage and antique articles of clothing?
  7. Why did grow your hair so long?
  8. Why are you always get your nails done?
  9. Why do you make your beauty products?


annoying it is because if can be anywhere 10 to 30 questions at a time which are repetitive.

If face with a bully that ask questions to no end ask question to them back and make a lot of them uncomfortable for the bully to answer then they’ll leave you alone.


4 thoughts on “Annoying questions that people whom are Bullies ask Me

  1. As a person who was bullied myself I find this to be very true. Bullying is a very real problem and one that stays with you even after school or wherever it was you were when it took place. Some people get put off from being themselves because of it and thats a shame. Any chance you could check my new blog out when you get a chance and maybe give it a ‘follow’ please?

  2. I have this person at work who keeps asking me uncomfortable questions that are kinda mean like. One time he asked me, “You used to look so cool in your old pictures… What happened?” What the heck.

    It’s hurtful and sooo annoying. People like that like to build happiness over other people’s misery! Urgh makes me mad!

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