Foods That Look Like Body Parts They’re Good For

I have been searching for the most interesting things that only a few people would ever take time to put together.  Well I did it has to do with the foods that we eat, now when we were all children our parents told us from the beginning “you are what you eat” so here are foods that look like the body parts that they are good for but, one of them has a surprise.

1. Sweet Potato: Pancreas

Now the sweet potato bears a strong resemblance to the pancreas and also promotes healthy function in the organ.  Many will tell you that Sweet potatoes are high in beta-carotene which is a potent antioxidant that protects all tissues of the body including the pancreas from damage associated with aging or cancer.   I can only imagine those that have pancreatic cancer could do with the wonders of sweet potatoes in their diet it might help prevent future cancer cells from ever coming back.
2.Ginger: Stomach
Have you ever reach for a glass of ginger ale when you had a stomachache? Well you know about the antinausea effects of ginger so, it would be fitting that the herb somewhat resembles the digestive organ.  According to Dr.Moulavi gingerol is the ingredient responsible for ginger’s pungent scent and taste so, this is listed in the USDA database of phytochemicals as having the ability to prevent nausea and vomiting.   No wonder I love the taste of Ginger ale and I will continue to drunk it every day whenever I want a soda.
3. Red Wine: Blood
Red wine, which is rich in antioxidants and polyphenols, including powerful resveratrol, looks like blood. “When you drink it, you’re really loading up on the healthy stuff that protects against destructive things in the blood, like LDL cholesterol, which can cause heart disease,” says Somer. “There’s also a blood-thinning compound in red wine, so it reduces blood clots, which are associated with stroke and heart disease.”  Well when I do drink Alcohol I tend to go on the lines of Champagne and not wine unless its a formal dinner so, I will go more on the lines of Red Wine rather than the Pink Champagne that I ever so enjoy.

4. Tomato: Heart
What a minute? Tomatoes are better for the heart? What happen with Garlic? I was told I was in great Heart health and never touch tomatoes because I do not like the way they taste unless they are a paste.  Maybe years of eating both Garlic and Tomato paste has made my heart healthy and strong unlike other fruits and vegetables.  Slice open a tomato and you’ll notice the red veggie has multiple chambers that resemble the structure of a heart. “Studies have found that because of the lycopene in tomatoes, there is a reduced risk for heart disease in men and women who eat them,” says Somer. And, she adds, if you mix them with a little fat, like olive oil or avocado, it will boost your body’s lycopene absorption nearly tenfold.
5. Grapefruit:Breast
Yuck! I hate Grapefruit the only thing that grapefruit is good for is a toner for your skin because the taste makes me sick.   This extremely tart citrusy fruit has a great resemblance to Breasts Grapefruit contains substances called limonoids, which have been shown to inhibit the development of cancer in lab animals and in human breast cells.  So I better find a way to eat grapefruit for the sake of health for my breasts.

6. Clams:Testicles
Okay first of all this is gross because I love clams and I always go out whenever possible to eat fried clams or New England Clam Chowder.   Studies have offered evidence that clams, which bear a resemblance to testicles, are actually good for the male sex organs. “Research from the Netherlands has suggested that supplementing your diet with folic acid and zinc—both of which clams are high in––can have a significant effect on improving semen quality in men,” says Dr. Moulavi.

7. Avocados: Uterus
Aww man I got to eat Avocados for the rest of my life? I hate eating this fruit or vegetable or whatever you want to call it.  Yeah this is good for your Uterus ladies so I guess we have to eat more of this stuff than anything else.  The lightbulb shape of an avocado looks like a uterus, and it supports reproductive health as well. “Avocados are a good source of folic acid,” says Elizabeth Somer, registered dietician and author of Eat Your Way to Happiness. “Folate has been found to reduce the risk for cervical dysplasia, which is a precancerous condition.

8. Celery:Bones
I thought Milk was good for the bones because I drink 2 liters of milk a day which is 1/2 the liters of how much water I drink.  I drink 4 liters of water a day which is a lot but, moving on to celery.   Long, lean stalks of celery look just like bones—and they’re good for them, too. “Celery is a great source of silicon, which is part of the molecular structure that gives bones their strength,” says Dr. Moulavi. Another funny bone coincidence: “Bones are 23 percent sodium, and so is celery,” reports Avellino.   Well I guess me adding Cream of Celery soup in my pressure cooked dishes really paid off and I might add Cream of Celery soup to my slow cooked dishes as well because getting healthy is a number one priority.

9. Walnut:Brain
This must be the actual size of my brain because I was told Fish was brain food.  Haha just kidding.  Yeah I love walnuts and I do laugh at that joke what do you call nuts on the wall.     The folds and wrinkles of a walnut bring to mind another human organ: the brain. The shape of the nut even approximates the body part, looking like it has left and right hemispheres. And it’s no surprise walnuts are nicknamed “brain food”—according to Lisa Avellino, dietitian for Focus28 Diet, “they have a very high content of omega-3 fatty acids, which help support brain function.”  Long Live Walnuts!

10. Carrots:Eyes
Well we were told for years that carrots are good for our eyes and in the last twelve years it has been shown that spinach is better for our eyes than carrots.  You can eat the two together when promoting good eye health.  Slice a carrot in half crosswise and it’s easy to see that the veggie resembles an eye—look closely and you’ll even notice a pattern of radiating lines that mimic the pupil and iris. And the old wives’ tale is true: Munching on carrots will actually promote healthy eyes. “Carrots are filled with vitamins and antioxidants, like beta-carotene, that decrease the chance of macular degeneration, the leading cause of vision loss in older people,” says Sasson Moulavi, MD, medical director of Smart for Life Weight Management Centers in Boca Raton, Florida

Okay that’s it for now because this was interesting and I hope to find more interesting things to uncover on my blog so, until then i’m bored.

No Sew Blanket and Sew a Double-Sided Fleece Blanket

Okay I stated earlier this week that I would be doing some crafting on my blog because I do enjoy crafting so, this will be crafting a lot to share with my followers on the wordpress not so much blogger but, I will be doing a lot on wordpress.

I have been flooding myself on ways to have something extremely girly to put on my bed but, so far I have not found a good idea of what to put on my bed but, today I found a great video on how to make a blanket without sewing.   My first reaction was “What?” you cannot be serious because there is no way you can make a blanket without sewing so, I found this video and wanted to share with my followers.

After watching this video on how to make a cute blanket for myself I also went to look at other videos for more ideas of how to make blankets without sewing involve because that can save me a lot of time and thread.   I do in fact like sewing but, there are times that I rather take a break if you know what I mean.

Now this one I really like because my sewing machine has not seen me since I was like 11 years old because I basically focus my attention on hand sewing rather than doing it on a machine which is not bad but, I figured it was time for a happy reunion with the older singer so, I looked at this video and I know that this old singer that was born in 1998 will be happy to see me again using it.  I have tons of ideas based off of both videos and there is one more that I am willing to share with my followers.

I never stopped to think of having a crocheted edge blanket because I didn’t think I can combine the two fields together.   I know when I do manage to make my blankets to lay across my bed there will be some girly girlness in the mixture for, I am planning to use every design quality that I have in me through years of sewing so, I am looking forward to making blankets and sharing it with my followers.

Doing What comes Naturally

Okay  Today is Thursday and the week is still not over because there are a few more post for me to post because I stated that there will be some beauty and crafting ideas during this week because my blog is about my life and my hobbies is crafting so, I planned to do some crafting in this year which is not a lie but, I also want to promote organic beauty as well so, if you are following me for the beauty and crafting here is more latest updates of what I am doing in beauty.

Natural products are typically created with oils, minerals and, plant extracts that are gentler on the skin compared to the stuff that is made with chemicals so, I found some products that are filled with wholes and goo-for-you ingredient that will enhance your beauty, naturally.


This is Shescentit Moisture Mist created with Aloe, Honey, and Shea butter this leave-in conditioner detangles and revives even the dullest tresses giving them luster and bounce.  This product cost only $11 and can be bought at


This next one is Oyin Handmade Body Butter and I am already familiar with this products line already but, I must have looked over this products for this is a chocolate lovers can take their obsession to a new level with the chocolate-scented hydrating bar that uses pure cocoa butter and coconut oil to moisturize.  This product cost $12 and can be bought at

red-hot-sparkling-soakNow this is another one but, its only 96% organic, Gluten free, and vegan however, 96% of the ingredients used is safe for you the other 4% not so much but, who is to argue when you are looking incredibly hot? This is Red Hot Shandy Sparking Bath Soak and there are others in this product line that are really good but, this one is the most popular compared to the rest. This product contains Soybean, Sunflower and Apricot oils along with its scent of red hot cinnamon to increase moisture retention while grape-seed and olive fruit oils improve the skins texture.  Yeah that will make the men come a running from every mile, this product can be purchase for $20 at

sr-product Okay this product is worth the $36.95 at either or Whole Foods Market.  The pure formula is ideal for all skin types but especially keeps dry, mature and sensitive skin soft and supple. Fermented grain extract removes every trace of dirt, makeup and impurities, while bentonite clay calms irritation. Soothing jojoba and sweet almond oils maintain skin’s natural moisture balance and anthyllis extract tones and nourishes. After rinsing, skin feels pampered and velvety smooth. Has a soft almond scent. Now if you want to have beautiful skin this is the product for you because this product will make you throw some in the trash.

Now we move on to the nail polish and nail polish remover.  To be quite honest I prefer to use organic and safe brands when it comes to pedicures rather than name brand products because you can get infections and not even know it so, if you can make it possible for yourself how about investing in a nail polish and nail polish remover that is safe for health.

Now I started off with Priti NYC nail polish but, I am going to recommend the Polish Remover wipes because there are very affective.


This conditions nails as it cleans them so, you don’t have to worry too much about damaging your nails but, this luxury remover is non-carcinogenic which is the most common concern other than biodegradable , it has been infused with lemongrass oil to nourish nails and leave behind a refreshing scent.  I have been using Priti for years and have to say that my nails have grown longer and are very strong thanks to this product.  It cost $9.99 and can be bought at

Zoya is the most popular brand of Organic nail Polish out there on the market other than Priti and a few others.  This is one of the few products that is free of formaldehyde, toluene and other harsh ingredients  this vegan-friendly polish have you feeling good about your purchase while turning heads with its ravishing colors including red.  Now this can be bought just about anywhere I highly suggest you buy it on because there its $8.


Now lets go on to hair nutrition because there is a another product that I found in walgreens and CVS for  $8.49 its called Salon Grafix healthy Hair Nutrition Conditioning Cleanser.

This  is suds-free like Wen so when you cleanse your hair of dirt like the popular Wen this without sulfates while also conditioning your hair so, natural botanical extracts do the work, leaving your hair in a citrusy soft state. isn’t that lovely so, head to Walgreens of CVS for this fine products before someone else gets it.

... LUSH Emotional Brilliance | LUSH Liquid Lipstick: review, photos

Last but not least is the lush stores liquid lipstick.  I never really have tried liquid lipsticks because the traces of lead and other harmful agents but, this long-lasting lipstick uses rose wax, jojoba oil and candelilla wax to soften and moisturizefor pouty lips with a punch of serious color it can also double as a cream blush.  $22.85 at Lush stores.

Okay that is it for the beauty items for this post but, there will be more to come in the near future because I am going to organic line of beauty more so inorganic however, I will add some things that are not organic which I advise to use sparingly so you will not have too much chemicals in your skin.

Live the life you want

There is no sense in worrying about the events that goes around you in the every day life of being a human being.   The way I see it is if you worship your heavenly father Jehovah God and let your burdens on him then everything else will come in due time.   An example that I like to use is one that was given to me by a brother giving a talk to my congregation for, he stated that Jehovah God feeds the birds so, why wouldn’t find a way to feed his people who are loyal to him?   Well it took me a lot of time to think about that and I went home to discover hey that’s true if I remain in  God’s love and come to know his ways then I can have a better path set out for me.

When it came to dealing with difficult people I look at different accounts in the bibles such as when Moses cautioned people that their murmuring was not merely against him and Aaron but also against Jehovah God.

Looking in the account of Exodus 15: 22-24 –  Later Moses caused Israel to depart from the Red Sea and they went out to the wilderness of Shur and marched on for three days in the wilderness, but they did not find water.  In time they came to Ma′rah,but they were not able to drink the water from Ma′rah because it was bitter. That is why he called its name Ma′rah.   And the people began to murmur against Moses,saying: “What are we to drink?”

Another account that I read in Exodus was Exodus 16: 2-12 where it goes on to state ” And the entire assembly of the sons of Israel began to murmur against Moses and Aaron in the wilderness. And the sons of Israel kept saying to them: “If only we had died by Jehovah’s hand in the land of Egypt while we were sitting by the pots of meat, while we were eating bread to satisfaction, because YOU have brought us out into this wilderness to put this whole congregation to death by famine.” Then Jehovah said to Moses: “Here I am raining down bread for YOU from the heavens; and the people must go out and pick up each his amount day for day,in order that I may put them to the test as to whether they will walk in my law or not.  And it must occur on the sixth day that they must prepare what they will bring in, and it must prove double what they keep picking up day by day.” So Moses and Aaron said to all the sons of Israel: “At evening YOU will certainly know that it is Jehovah who has brought YOU out from the land of Egypt.  And in the morning YOU will indeed see Jehovah’s glory, because he has heard YOUR murmurings against Jehovah. And what are we that YOU should murmur against us?”  And Moses continued: “It will be when Jehovah gives YOU in the evening meat to eat and in the morning bread to satisfaction, because Jehovah has heard YOUR murmurings that YOU are murmuring against him. And what are we? YOUR murmurings are not against us, but against Jehovah.” And Moses went on to say to Aaron: “Say to the entire assembly of the sons of Israel, ‘Come near before Jehovah, because he has heard YOUR murmurings.’” Then it occurred that as soon as Aaron had spoken to the entire assembly of the sons of Israel, they turned and faced toward the wilderness, and, look! Jehovah’s glory appeared in the cloud.   And Jehovah spoke further to Moses, saying: 12 “I have heard the murmurings of the sons of Israel.   Speak to them, saying, ‘Between the two evenings YOU will eat meat and in the morning YOU will be satisfied with bread; and YOU will certainly know that I am Jehovah YOUR God.’”

I can understand the dealings of what Moses had to go through for dealing with a lot of seemingly ungrateful individuals whom were delivered out of the land of Egypt to dwell in the wilderness was stressful.   Like in the day of Moses and the land of Egypt we also have a lot of difficult people that we must deal with similar to the situation placed upon Moses and Aaron.

As long as we are all living you are going to deal with all types of people with a wide range of personalities but, there are some that are going to get under your skin for who knows that reason maybe; however, there are ways of overcoming such things in our lives.   if you do not walk the same path that they follow then they will speak negatively of you, this means that you should not alter they way you are in order to please them because there are consequences of being a people pleasure.

If you try to please everyone then you don’t make you what is you.  Remember those videos that call for standing above the influence and going against peer pressures?  If not you may want to take the time to look over those videos and better access them to see how you can stand above the influence.

Staying about the influence and dealing with difficult people is the two things that causes stress in many individuals but, as long as we worship god we all can over come those challenges that we face each step of the way.



A lucet is a two prong tool which is use in making cord.  This is commonly used in making certain articles of clothing such as shoelaces which can make a statement to any shoe that requires laces.   The lucet is an old technique, dating as far back as the Vikings perhaps. It’s a simple technique for making cord. This video does not go into a lot of verbal detail; it’s meant to show, not tell.

I was looking on youtube for more crafting hobbies and happen to find this one.  I can only imagine what possibilities that I can do when I start trying lucet on my own.   In addition I found more videos that gave me some light on techniques that are used when making articles of clothing with the clothes made with lucet.

Like the old saying goes you learn something new every day so, if you are willing to learn something new then try Lucet.

This week is going to be a little bit more busier

MY reason for this post is that I have been streaming through Youtube and searching throughout the internet because I am getting bored with my dull dull routine and, I am looking for more ways to entertain myself in a positive way.  In the journey of doing that I have found some interesting things to build my crafting section of my blog and my beauty section of my blog so, this week there will be more post about different subjects so, just be prepared to look out for the crafting and beauty post because there is no end to how many will come up.

So this week will be ending with anywhere from 10 to 20 post in total so, if you want to find something interesting to do then this is the place to do it.

Monday has Arrived.

Yes Monday the day that everyone has to go back to work, school or whatever it is that they do.  Well today is a very special day in my African-American/Black American subculture for, today we honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. one of the leaders of the civil rights movements in the south which led to the end of segregation.

“Like anybody, I would like to live a long life. Longevity has its place. But I’m not concerned about that now. I just want to do God’s will. And He’s allowed me to go up to the mountain. And I’ve looked over. And I’ve seen the Promised Land. I may not get there with you. But I want you to know tonight, that we, as a people, will get to the promised land!”

With these words, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. built a crescendo to his final speech on April 3, 1968. The next day, the civil rights leader was shot and killed on a balcony of the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tenn.

At the roots Dr. King’s civil rights convictions was an even more profound faith in the basic goodness of man and the great potential of American democracy. These beliefs gave to his speeches a fervor that could not be stilled by criticism.

He rose in 1955 from a newly arrived minister in Montgomery, Ala. to a figure of national prominence. It was Dr. King who dramatized the Montgomery bus boycott with his decision to make it the testing ground, before the eyes of the nation, of his belief in the civil disobedience teachings of Thoreau and Gandhi.

In the summer of 1963, Dr. King led the March on Washington, stirring the emotions of millions with the words “I have a dream.” On Dec. 10, 1964, he won the Nobel Peace Prize.

His strong beliefs in civil rights and non-violence made him one of the leading opponents to American participation in the war in Vietnam.

At the time he was assassinated in Memphis, Dr. King was involved in one of his greatest plans to dramatize the plight of the poor and stir Congress to help blacks. He called his venture the “Poor People’s Campaign.” — Adapted from the New York Times’ obituary. April 5, 1968.

It is a shame that he had to die they way he did but, his work along with many others lead to us having privileges that was frowned upon for many years due to oppression.

Day by Day

You can do it, I know you can,
I trust and believe in your plan.
It has been processed in your mind,
The ideal path, you shall find.

It’s clear that you have what it takes,
You simply won’t need any brakes.
Since you have so much passion inside,
This dream of yours will be a special ride.

You can do it, I know you can,
I’m your first and biggest fan.
One more thing I’d like to say,
Enjoy the journey – day by day.

Have a nice day!

Annoying questions that people whom are Bullies ask Me

There is a wide range of hobbies that I have whether it comes to the knowledge of a interesting subject or to creativity there is not end to what people ask me.  Many of them ask the top three following annoying questions that seem there is not end to it!!!!

  1. What are you doing?
  2. Why are interested in that because that was fun in the dark ages.
  3. Why are you still in 1200 this is 2000’s my dear?

Seriously?  What is so wrong about reading? Writing? Knitting? Crocheting? Needlepoint? Quilting? Embroidery? Sewing? Latchhooking? Kumihimo? and other forms of hobbies that my interests takes forever?

  1. Are you a virgin?
  2. Are you gay?
  3. Do you like …..?
  4. Is that your real hair? (formally)
  5. Are those your real nails? (Formally)
  6. Why do you wear vintage and antique articles of clothing?
  7. Why did grow your hair so long?
  8. Why are you always get your nails done?
  9. Why do you make your beauty products?


annoying it is because if can be anywhere 10 to 30 questions at a time which are repetitive.

If face with a bully that ask questions to no end ask question to them back and make a lot of them uncomfortable for the bully to answer then they’ll leave you alone.

Show loving-Kindness that gets notice by ones that don’t deserve it.

I have been reading a few blogs on the fact that so many people were bullied such as myself and making it through the rain storm of Middle School as well as High School was a challenge.   I made it through the rain with my virginity intact and my mind still goal-oriented.

I have been reading post from other users and they have been going through the same things that I went through yet, they have made it through that stormy time or they are still going through but, are seeing the rainbow at the very end.   Its so funny that people are so full of horse pucky that they pretend nothing happens between you as well as them.

I found out through showing loving kindness for those in need it has taken notice by others some of the them worthy of it and others in their dreams.   There are pros and cons to being kind to others and giving them your time without asking anything in return but, the thing is people start to see that kindness you show to one set group of people then they are the ones that are going to want it.

Some of the things I have done are not meant to be told but, for the most part I do not understand why so, many people want the same type of love and affection when they cannot pass it on themselves.  I will continue to pass on loving kindness but, I will do it to those in need and not to those that are causing the pain as well as aggravation.