Quilting on the way

This upcoming year is going to be many for us all.

I want to see how many people will be following me in my journey of self worth.  I am going to work on myself and share the accomplishments that I achieve and one of those things are quilting and other handcrafted things.  I am going to be different than the typical woman that walks on the street, when I am on the bus I shall do latch hooking.  When I am waiting for the bus I will be knitting; if I am in line waiting for something I will be doing needlepoint. 

This is a great way of spending my free time and I will have something creative to use around the house.  In addition I can sell the items that I make for some extra money which is untax every year depending were I sell it like Etsy or Craigslist. 

So if you are ready to learn quilting or any other form of crafting done by hand you know where to come. 


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