Humble, meaningful, peaceful christan lifestyle: The stepping stones of building a new Christ-like personality

The new year is a coming and all of us have some of those New year resolutions that do not always come through so, if you want to draw closer to god than this is the year to do it because no one else is going to have you draw closer to him.

Well the first thing you are going to have to do is read the bible every day of the week which means that you do not take a day off from those daily scriptures that you must examine because that is your protection from the outside world around you.   There are going to be some people that will put your faith to the test and there are some that are going to help you along the way but, you are the one alone that can determine who will help you and who will not help you in your path to drawing closer to our heavenly father Jehovah god.

Try to make it a goal to read five pages daily or five chapters of one book in the bible daily so, that you are knowing the scriptures that are being given to you from god’s word the bible.

All parents love to see a newborn baby smile. They often put their faces close to that of the infant, cooing and smiling expressively. They are eager to see a response. And before long, it comes—the baby’s cheeks dimple, the lips curl, and a delightful smile appears. In its own small way, that smile seems to express affection, the dawning love of the baby in response to the love of the parents.

The baby’s smile reminds us of something important about human nature. Our natural response to love is love. That is simply the way we are made. (Psalm 22:9) As we grow, we mature in our ability to respond to love. Perhaps you can recall from your own childhood how your parents, relatives, or friends expressed love for you. In your heart a warm feeling took root, grew, and blossomed into action. You showed your love in return. Is a similar process unfolding in your relationship with Jehovah God?

The Bible says: “As for us, we love, because he first loved us.” (1 John 4:19) In Sections 1 through 3 of this book, you were reminded that Jehovah God has exercised his power, his justice, and his wisdom in loving ways to your benefit. And in Section 4, you saw that he has directly expressed his love for mankind—and for you personally—in remarkable ways. Now comes a question. In a way, it is the most important question you can ask yourself: ‘How will I respond to Jehovah’s love?’

Now what does it mean to be in the love of god?

Jehovah, the Originator of love, well knows that love has immense power to bring out the best in others. So despite the persistent rebelliousness of unfaithful mankind, he has remained confident that some humans would respond to his love. And, indeed, millions have. Sadly, though, the religions of this corrupt world have left people confused about what it means to love God. Countless people say that they love God, but they seem to think that such love is merely a feeling to be expressed in words. Love for God may begin that way, just as a baby’s love for his parents may first show itself in a smile. In mature people, however, love involves more.

What does our worship of Jehovah embrace, and why must we worship with integrity?

Well if you put him before everything else such as the worries of life that surrounds us each and every day then we can take the load off because we will always know that there is something better for use to come in the near future.  In addition we should always place our faith on him rather than other people because people are imperfect and God is a perfect individuals so would it not take someone whom is perfect to do something for an imperfect person.

For example, you lose your job because of the fact that you do not meet the new standard requirements for the position that you had for years but, you are in need of some financial support which could consist of many things such as living expenses, food, and etc.  If you ask friends and family members for help as well as other people but, they do not come through who is the next person to go to when you are facing hard times?  Our father Jehovah God.  If you keep putting Jehovah first then everything else will come through whether it be a new job, a acceptance letter at a school so you can improve your skills to get a new job or whatever the case may be.

In addition no career is too small for anyone in the life of a christian because a career is something that you love to do rather than some boring job that you are stuck with because you are in need of finances.   Even if you went to school to major in Political Science, Mathematical-Economics, and Biology-concentrated in Organismal and Ecological Biology the career path you have taken will make your life as a everyday christian better to bare than those who live low moral lives.

Here are some questions that you should really start thinking about when you move on with this new life you are heading.

How may we draw closer to Jehovah, and what confidence may we have as a result?

How does this verse show that getting to know Jehovah requires effort and brings blessings?

If we are to imitate Jehovah, whose example must we follow, and what spirit must we show?

As you contemplate the future blessings that Jehovah will provide, what are you moved to do in response?


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