World full of idiots: Looking at a person’s skin color

Watch television and was trying to see this nice looking young woman to pick a date for some event that she was going to.  There were three men that she chose from and each one had his own personality trait that made him stand out in a good way.  Well the first guy was very nice looking and very intelligent which would have won me over because intelligence means a lot to me but, to also be nice looking is a plus for the two never meet up in the middle.

The second guy was alright but, the only thing that he had going for him is his views of family and religion which is great but, intelligence could have worked in that because I do not see myself marrying a guy that does not have a degree or a high school diploma where I am going to school for a JD/MEM.

The third one was really nice in personality, he spoke four languages and treated ladies the way that they should be treated.  Hmmm four languages is a interesting ability for some people can barely learn and practice a second or even a third language.  In my opinion I would have also dated the third one or even went along to marry him because at least two of the languages he learn were Spanish and French which are types of romance language.   I also learned to speak in Spanish and French so it would not bother me speaking it with him but, the forth language Ethiopian is something that is totally new but, he could teach me the language; therefore, I could have learned it in the long run.

Well after she ask all the men her questions, she went with loser number two because all his focus was on religion and family.  Not saying that is romantic but, every body can support religion and family so, what was wrong with intelligence, being a true gentle man and being able to speak four languages on the daily basis? Nothing! The reason she went with number two because number one and number three where not men of color so, she went with somebody that was a person of color.

I had to turn to another station because that gesture right there told me that some people are doom to be stupid because what is so important about skin color?  Is it the inside that what matters that most?  I cannot be bother with such nonsense at this moment in time because I do not care what color a person skin is but, it matters how a person treats me. 

I have never in my days ever looked at skin color when it came to dating but, I will also snub anyone that has a problem of two people of two different races dating for, no matter what you do or what you try to control interracial marriage will always happen. 



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