Shopping day doing it the crazy girl way.

In the morning you wake up with a Wheat Bagel with some cream cheese and an Espresso which is very healthy start to a great morning but, also eat a bowl of fruit of whatever you fancy. 

Fill up you car with gas to whatever level you want to fill up your car with a full tank or 3/4 tank of fuel in the car. Then drive to your favorite shopping places but, to be sure to follow all the rules of the road even if you are pissing other people off because they should have left early even if they were running late.

Go to the first store on your list and the goal is to spend the amount between $100 to $300 dollars worth of goods.  Which is not hard if you are a crazy girl such as myself.

If you go to the local small businesses such as Splurges there are tons of deal that you can get, such as a free gift for a purchase over $25. This is good deal for even the crazy girl who like pretty and shiny things but, also enjoys saving money.

After you finish you first shopping visit its time to go to the second store.  The second store has your more expensive brands but, its locally own as well so, same as the first store you can get great deals on a lot of stuff.

I love black denim and some of the best black denim comes from Paige Denim.  Whatever you fancy go ahead and buy it because when you are supporting the small businesses you are helping the economy because small businesses stimulate the economy.

Now its noon and its time to wind down because the shopping can wait unless its clearance.

Lunch time is the time to mind what you eat and what you are putting in your body so, you can do one of two things that is; first order a hot dog with the trimmings that you enjoy on it even if its doing something out of the ordinary.  Then order a burger and modify it to your specifications that how you like it. order a small drink and side order because you need the energy to do more shopping.

Then the rest of you day after eating a hot dog and a Hamburger plus onion rings and a small Dr.pepper you should finish the shopping day visiting small businesses that would give you better deals than department stores across the nations.

When you go home the next day is up to you whatever pleases you.


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