Can you show loving kindness to those in need? Or are you a heartless idiot that is only kind to strangers around the holidays?

How does loving-kindness differ from human kindness? With what attitude should we display loving-kindness? Who need our expressions of loving-kindness?

Well those are some questions that you probably cannot answer or possibly can answer for, I have asked a lot of people whom are close to me though 9 times out of 10 they did not give the right answer.    There is a huge difference in human kindness and loving-kindness for those showing human kindness often do so without having deep and personal involvement or relationship with the individuals they treat kindly but, if one were to show loving-kindness to someone then the person is lovingly attach ourselves to that person.  Hmmm to me that seems like real love and not being nice so you can get the favor in return. I also believe that if one shows loving-kindness then they are showing real love to another individual which goes behind life and death.

Genesis 20:13 states: And it came about that, when God caused me to wander from the house of my father, then I said to her, ‘This is your loving-kindness which you may exercise toward me: At every place where we shall come say of me: “He is my brother.”’”

Good scripture to go off on because there are not too many people that apply the workings of the bible to their daily lives so, reading the scriptures daily do help in finding happiness in all fields of life that we go upon.  In addition another book in the bible that you can read would be 2 Samuel 3:8 and 16:17 which is something you really need to read.

In addition there are other books in the bible that also should not be looked over and also illustrate expressions of loving-kindness between humans may be based on already existing relationships or the could be founded on relationships resulting from prior act of kindness.   Look up the following books: Joshua 2:1, 12-14; 1 Samuel 15:6; 2 Samuel 10:1,2

Good reads they are and there are more to come if you continue to read my posts or even to follow my blog because there are more topics that can help you in life as well as the others around you. .


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