Today is Doomsday!

I awake at 6:45 am to a rooster crowing in my ear.  I look outside to see that there was nothing different than yesterday because today was to be my last day on earth.  I soon discover that there are still craziness happening in the world around me for a gunman killed four people and himself plus injuring three state troopers.  My world has not ended so far but, every day I am glad for the life that I am living because I do not know who long I will have it for, each day is never promise to us.

2012 is coming to an end the year of 2012 was pretty ok for me not the best year for me such as 2009 but, more importantly there will be both good years and bad years to come in my lifetime.  It’s how I make of my life is what is important, i am still young in heart, mind , and soul so, what I do for the new year of 2013 is solely up to me because no one can make decisions for me but, I can make decisions that will either be me a better person or worse.

My new years resolution is set and I am not looking back to reflect the events that happened this year but, I will reflect on the possible future that I have on this Earth at this moment in time.  I am going to take better care of myself, try to meet new people, and make a difference in someone’s life instead of my own.

Today is suppose to be Doomsday but. the doom I see for myself is the path of straight and narrow which is very bumpy, with a lot of twist and turns along the way to ever lasting happiness. 



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